Covid-19 Guidelines

  • The first thing you may notice is that we have a new entrance to the bar, this ensures we have a one-way flow system and then a separate exit via one of the theatre doors. As we are connected to the cinema and theatre, in order to maintain enough distance from you and other visitors, we have clear signs and arrows pointing you towards the correct direction.
  • On arrival, all bookings will be staggered to avoid over-crowding and you will be greeted and taken to your table.
  • Guests will be able to order whatever and whenever they like with their waiter or waitress looking after them. You will not be able to go to the bar to order drinks as we are trying to prevent overcrowding.
  • We advise that you book before you visit as this ensures we can get details of who will be attending and when, and this allows us more control over how many guests we have coming in at one time. However, booking is not mandatory. We do have the government issued QR codes on site for track and trace purposes, or if you do not have the app then please let us know so we can take the details of one of your group.
  • In order to comply with the government’s easing of lockdown restrictions we will keep a temporary record for 21 days of your contact details for the purposes of contact tracing. This is only likely to be the name of the person who made the booking along with their phone number or email address, and it will be stored securely as is required by data protection law.
  • All areas will be sanitised regularly, our toilets cleaned every hour, menus will be wiped and sanitised, glasses and cutlery will be thoroughly cleaned before customer use. There will also be hand-sanitising stations inside and outside the bar for all guests to use at any time.
  • All members of our A Listers team will be wearing appropriate PPE, such as face coverings.

If at any time during your visit with us you feel uncomfortable in terms of staff or other guests not abiding by our safeguarding measures please talk to a member of our team.

woman in blue mask

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