Sutton Hoo Society Basil Brown Memorial Lecture

The kingdom of Essex and other stories: exploring Britain's lost realms – Saturday 18th April – 11am

Thomas Williams FSA

The picture we have of the centuries between 400 and 800 has long been shaped by study of the "big beasts": Wessex, Mercia, Northumbria, East Anglia, and – to a lesser extent – Kent and the larger realms of the Celtic-speaking north and west. By looking instead to the small and the obscure, to Essex, Lindsey, Dumnonia, Elmet, and the myriad other little kingdoms whose rise and fall both nurtured and impeded their larger rivals, the formative centuries of early medieval Britain can be seen from fresh perspectives.

In this lecture, Dr Thomas Williams FSA, former Curator of Early Medieval Coins as the British Museum and author of Viking Britain (2017) and Viking London (2019), will discuss themes drawn from his forthcoming book about the forgotten kingdoms of early medieval Britain.

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